A Note from Bonnie and Belinda



As we get ready to ring in the new year, we’re excited to share a few changes ahead for All Through the Night. All good and happy news!

Founder and owner Bonnie Sullivan has been creating original patterns for All Through the Night since 2001. And she’s ready to spend less time doing business stuff and more time traveling, stitching, and creating. Fortunately, her friend Belinda Mordhorst has been at the reigns of all things shopping and shipping for All Through the Night for the last three years — learning the ropes from Bonnie. So, beginning in 2024, Belinda will be the new owner of All Through the Night.

What does this mean for you? For more than 20 years, All Through the Night has been bringing you patterns, kits, wool, fabric, and stitching supplies to create what you love. We will continue to do all that and more. Bonnie’s classic patterns and kits, as well as wool, fabrics, and embellishments will continue to be available at AllThroughTheNight.netAlso, check out our Friends of All Through the Night Patterns on Facebook, there you will get the latest news, learn from each other, and share your projects using Bonnie's patterns.

Better yet ... we’ll be bringing back some of Bonnie’s treasured out-of-print patterns, too. Fun things in store for 2024 !

But what about new designs? Stepping away from the day-to-day business, Bonnie will be able to free up her time to do what she loves most— create . And when she does, you’ll still be able to find her new patterns at AllThroughTheNight. net.

In a nutshell, it’s changes for us and more fun things ahead for you! So, explore the shop, check out our seasonal specials, and let’s get stitching.

Bonnie and Belinda